“How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” Was A Finalist In The International Book Awards In 2016!

I just found out that my book, “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” was a finalist in the International Book Awards in 2016! I didn’t even realize it!
 Internatioal Book Awards:
Congratulations to all of the Winners & Finalists of the 2016 International Book Awards.
Health: General
How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian (Second Edition) by Nancy Addison
Organic Healthy Lifestyle Publishing
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Good News To Start Off A Friday! Aldi Stops Selling Products That Contain Neonicotinoid Pesticides And Is Going Organic By May 1, 2017


 Good news to start off a Friday from Nancy, your Renegade Nutritionist

Most of you know how much certain things mean to me, such as protecting our bees, safeguarding our environment, and living an organic lifestyle.

I am not that easily impressed, but there is a supermarket called Aldi, that is known for its low prices, and they have done something that is extraordinary.

Aldi is removing all products that contain neonicotinoid pesticides. (If you remember, I had a petition against the EPA to ban the manufacturing and use of neonicotinoid pesticides, because they are decimating the environment and killing the bees and butterflies. The EPA has still not banned them, even though the Federal Courts ruled that they should.

The EPA has even admitted knowing that the following poisons are the major reason the bee populations are being destroyed:









Aldi is not only doing this environmentally-positive action of removing all products that contain the neonicotinoid pesticides, but they are also committing their Aldi grocery stores to be all organic by May 1, 2017.

Hooray for this ethical company that is doing the right thing for all of us.

They are a no-frills store with positive goals and reasonable prices, which may make organic food affordable for everyone.

I’m giving them my gold star of approval.

Here is the link to read my information about the bees, the neonicotinoids and the environment.


Special Note:

Also be aware as you are buying plants for your garden this spring, that the plants and fruit trees, etc. may have these toxic poisons in them. Ask your nursery to be sure.

One way to order organic plants without toxins, is to order them online from a respected company like Seeds of Change, an organic seed and plant company.


Holiday Traditions


Holiday Traditions

        In a world faced with uncertainties, we crave our holiday traditions now more than ever.  We want to embrace what is familiar.  

      What is comforting is a table filled with family, friends, laughter, and food from recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  

       I was in charge of the stuffing and Waldorf Salad this year.  My mother gave me the stuffing recipe that she has used since her mother taught her to make it. Now I am taking up the tradition, and I will pass it on to my children. These recipes and traditions can be such a stabilizing part of our lives. 

        My mother recently moved, and it has not been the same this year.  She said that she wasn’t going to decorate for Christmas this season, because it is so much trouble getting all the ornaments out, and then putting them away after the holidays.
        It would have been so hard to imagine going to my mother’s home on Christmas morning without the Christmas tree and the festive decorations that she so lovingly put out every year of my life.

        I suggested that we just change a few things this year and still make it work, and the traditions will grow and change with the times, and my mother agreed. 

         When my daughter asked my mother about the traditions we always had every year, she said that many years ago, she just decided that we were going to have some traditions, and she simply made them up as she went along. 

         After all these years of my mothers’ wonderful traditions, these are what her children and grandchildren now embrace and cherish so very much. 

        One of these traditions that my mother started years ago was to have a “Family Wassail Party” the weekend after Thanksgiving. The entire family goes over to my mother’s house, and drinks wassail (a hot mulled cider), eats, talks and helps decorate the tree. 

         There is a rule that you must put at least 10 ornaments on the tree before you can leave.  This creates such fun and merriment, as everyone is part of the overall creation.

        The tallest members of the family put the ornaments way up high, and the smaller ones decorate the lower hard-to-reach part of the tree.

         The laughter and sharing of the evening together is a time when we all get to relax and just catch up with each others’ lives, since we are all running at lightning speed these days. 

        My family is very large, and even though most of us live in the same city, we don’t get to see each other all that often.  It is the eye-to-eye contact, sharing and communication that truly bond us together. 

         These traditional events reconnect us and bring us closer together as a family. 

         I am going to make my grandmother’s recipe (that was handed down to my mother, and now to me), with loving care.  I know that the energy and love that I will put into the making of this dish will be what makes it so good. 

         All the foods your grandmother made had her loving energy in it. The main ingredient was always love. That is why that familiar traditional food tastes so much better.  That is also why we crave it when we are sad or lonely.  

       So as we continue our traditions, remember that we can create comforting, wonderful memories for our families and friends by just relaxing, and putting a lot of love into everything we do. It is the warm feelings in the traditions that we will always cherish.

         It truly is about being present, and being here, right now.  Slow down and savor the moment.  It is food for our soul. 

The Power Of Plants And Flowers On Our Health And Well-being

nancy at farmer's market w plants by Nick

The Power Of Plants And Flowers On Our Health And Well-being

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. At this time of year, we tend to spend much more time indoors. We aren’t outside as much and around the gardens or plants in our yard or park. Having plants, going for a walk in the park, or even looking at a landscape poster can produce psychological benefits that include reduction of stress,  and improving concentration.

In a research study by Rutgers University, Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology decided to explore the power of plants and flowers on our health and well being. She said that “What’s most exciting about this study is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day-to-day moods in a healthy and natural way,”

In this study, a “team of researchers explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction in a 10-month study of participants’ behavioral and emotional responses to receiving flowers. The results show that flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.

  1. Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. All study participants expressed “true” or “excited” smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. This reaction was universal, occurring in all age groups.

  2. Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. Specifically, study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers, and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction.

  3. Flowers make intimate connections. The presence of flowers led to increased contact with family and friends.

“Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy,” said Dr. Haviland-Jones. “Now, science shows that not only do flowers make us happier than we know, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well being.” (1)

Flowers and plants lift the spirit and clean the air.
So, my suggestion to everyone would be to surround yourself and your loved ones with fresh flowers and/or plants. Plants add vibrancy and fresh air, and change the feeling of a room.

Not just the Rutger’s study, but there are many studies I’ve read over years ago that said adding a vase of fresh flowers or a plant to a room made people’s attitudes happier and more positive. I add flowers and plants to my space and to the spaces of those I love, whenever I can.

When a loved one is in a nursing home, hospital, or small place where they can’t get out much, it’s an easy thing to add a plant or vase of flowers to the room.

Plants increase humidity, reducing some of the drying effects of indoor heaters and air systems.

Take a small cutting from the garden of mint or ivy and put it in water, and—presto!—you have a plant that will create a new feeling to the room.

Clas Bergvall, an ethnologist at Umeå University in Sweden, wanted to know what plants did for people emotionally—so he dedicated his doctoral dissertation to the subject. What his research found was that:

  • Research suggests that indoor plants reduce symptoms of fatigue, headache, cough and dry skin.

  • Studies show that plant filled rooms contain up to 60 percent fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants.

  • The following plants are best at  decontaminating air and balancing humidity: Areca, Reed and Dwarf date palms; Boston ferns, English ivy and Peace Lilies. (2)

When my former husband (an environmental trial lawyer) was conducting environmental impact studies on air quality, I learned that plants are masters at cleaning certain toxins from the air.

Ficus plants are great at cleaning formaldehyde out of the air. Low-light plants like the ivy plants are great to use in general. Many low-light plants that have shallower root systems are the easiest and most beneficial for removing toxins from indoor air.

Plants remind us of  life, beauty, spirituality and make us more introspective. By incorporating plants and flowers into our natural environment, they can bring calm to our chaotic lives.

Source: 1. The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study was published in the April 2005 issue of Evolutionary Psychology. Click here for the academic paper (PDF).
2. Study Documents the Power of Indoor Plant By Melinda Wenner,
Written by Nancy Addison. Parts of this article was taken from the book: Alive and Cooking:
An Easy Guide to Health for You and Your Parents by Nancy Addison and Maryann De Leo
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How To Have A Healthy Halloween



How To Have A Healthy Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and everyone is wondering what costume to wear and what treats to give. Careful planning can make this holiday even more enjoyable than you imagined.

Sugar is usually the treat of choice, but it is harmful to our health. Since we want to set a good example for our children, I’ve found some truly wonderful alternatives that are enjoyable and entertaining.

While children may not always appear to be listening, they are always watching, so send a consistent message that healthy eating is important—even on holidays.

This can be challenging when the rest of the country is trying to eat as many pieces of candy and sugary desserts as possible.

According to research, one teaspoon of sugar can shut down a person’s immune system for up to 5 hours.  Yale University says that children should get only 3 to 4 teaspoons of sugar per day, and that an adult should limit  their intake to 5 teaspoons.

This is even possible on Halloween. We all benefit from avoiding going overboard on holiday occasions.

Try to find a healthy balance for your children’s food intake and create an atmosphere of wise choices.

First, before going trick-or-treating with your children or sending them to a Halloween party, serve a filling and healthy meal so that tempting sugary desserts and candy aren’t eaten simply because of hunger.

You can also pass out non-edible treats as substitutes for candy.  Try things like stickers, crayons, bubbles, kaleidoscopes, slinkies, yoyos, sidewalk chalk, small flashlights, glow sticks, hacky sacks, funny glasses, or other fun gifts.

You can even pass out toothbrushes! You can find packs of these online or at the local party or craft stores. Make sure you pick age appropriate treats for children, and especially make sure that the gifts do not include small parts that a child could choke on.

Some gifts may be better for smaller children, while others may be more fun or safer for older children.

If you would prefer to hand out edible treats, try some commercially-packaged alternatives to candy like trail mixes, raisins, popcorn packets, or nut butter crackers. People will trust packages from the grocery store more than homemade tems, as they are sealed.

For a home party, you can make healthy pumpkin muffins or popcorn with nuts and raisins. It is the perfect time to serve a green kale smoothie, which you can call the Martian Magic Mixture! (Recipe below) Guests will think they are having a special Halloween drink, when in reality you are introducing a healthy green drink.

With childhood obesity on the rise at an alarming rate, and literally doubling over the last 30 years, it is good to be someone who isn’t contributing to the sugar disease epidemic.

You’d be surprised how much all of us enjoy an alternative to the sugar laden candy that is so common.

If your child goes trick-or-treating, instruct your child to wait and allow you to inspect the food they collect before they eat it. Tell them that if any candy or food they received isn’t wrapped professionally (commercially), they should throw it away, especially if it looks like there is any kind of tampering (tears, holes, discoloration, etc.) with the package.

I always threw out any kind of candy or treat that my children were given that looked suspicious in any way. Don’t take a chance.

Just throw it out if there is doubt.

If you allow your children to eat candy or treats, be aware that some have a shelf life. If you are allowing your child to have one or two pieces per day, check the candy for freshness or an expiration date before he or she can have it.

Teach your children to do this as well. Children can be very responsible if given the chance.

Children’s teeth and gums are damaged by sugar. Dental decay can be painful and damaging to a child’s health. Conditions like this can challenge a person for their entire life.

Help your children make the best decisions for their health now. Make certain they brush and floss after consuming sweets. Your children will always be grateful for the love you show them.

They may not show it today, but they will recognize and appreciate it more as they grow older.

For Halloween, spend time together, play fun music, bob for apples, make jack-o-lanterns, and bake pumpkin bread or other items that benefit your family’s health.This shows your family how much you really care about them.

May you have a fun, safe Halloween holiday.

1.    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “Albert”Sanchez,”J.”L.”Reeser,”H.”S.”Lau,”P.”Y.”Yahiku,
and””U.”D.”Register.”-“Role of sugars in human
neutrophilic phagocytosis.” –
 “The”American”Society”for”Clinical” Nutrition,”Inc.”1973.”,
Copyright © 1973 by The American Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc,
green smoothie w polka dotted straw

Martian Magic Mixture


There’s just something about smoothies that makes them a perfect addition to the healthy lifestyle. This refreshing hearty green smoothie will be a special, nutrient-rich, treat.



Organic of course!

1 cup unsweetened, vanilla coconut milk
¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
½ cup pineapple chunks (fresh is great, but frozen is fine)
1 banana
2 kale leaf (stem removed)
1 cup baby spinach


1. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth.

Note: Add more coconut milk if it’s too thick.

You can find more recipes like this in my healthy cookbook: Raising Healthy Children


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Cancer Fighting – Cherry Smoothie Recipe

nancy at cherry stand-1


Time for organic cherries!

Fresh cherries are only available for a limited time during the year.

Even though the harvest last for 4 months, there are peaks in the season. The California cherries peak at the end of May/beginning of June. The Washington cherries peak in early July.

Cherries contain vitamin C, carotenoids, and anthocyanins – cancer fighting  compounds.

I love this delicious smoothie recipe. But remember, I always recommend organic. Why, because conventionally grown cherries  don’t have the nutrients in them that organic cherries have. Also, cherries are on EWG’s Dirty Dozen List of produce that is the most contaminated with pesticides. They get their data from the USDA Pesticide Data Program, which tests for pesticide residues on washed produce. Conventional cherries have been shown to carry residues from up to 42 different pesticides, some of which are known carcinogens, suspected hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, and bee toxins. Both sweet and tart cherries supply these antioxidant substances, though tart cherries contain more. (Tart cherries can also contribute to better sleep.) The antioxidants in cherry juice and dried cherries (both unsweetened and sweetened) are similar to fresh cherries. Frozen cherries’ antioxidant content is somewhat lower. If you can’t find fresh organic cherries where you are, the frozen ones work great too!

Super Cherry Smoothie


  • 1-cup fresh berries (blackberries, blueberries, etc.)

  • 1 cup pitted, fresh cherries

  • ½ cup coconut or hemp, unsweetened, vanilla milk (add more as needed)

  • 2 cups baby greens (spinach, Kale, romaine are all great)

  • ¼ cup sprouted, pumpkin seeds


  1. Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Serves one or two.

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For more recipes like this, try my cookbooks! Click here to see them on Amazon.

Nancy Addison's Super Power Smoothie

Join me, it’s delicious!


Food For The Soul Retreat

Charlotte Ammerman and Nancy Addison at Pelcian Eye w pinacoladasm

Food For The Soul Retreat

April 6- 13th, 2016 (sold out);

July 28 – Aug. 4;

Aug. 7 – Aug. 14;

Nov. 13 – Nov 20, 2016.


A Certificate Of Basic Intensive In Healthy Food Cuisine is given to all participants

when you come and attend my classes on preparing healthy food at the retreat!


This Retreat is For Those Who Really Want To Have A New Lease On Life!

We have been concentrating on truly manifesting joy, prosperity, health and well-being in our life!

Only a short flight (about a 2 1/2 hour flight from Miami) from the USA to Central America.

Nicaragua. Is a magical world rich in culture and spectacular nature.

ladies on deck at charlottes IMG_4979

The accommodation for the retreat is a beautiful home on the highest point above the Pacific Ocean of Nicaragua outside a gentle fishing village.
Charlotte’s amazing 3 story home, with balconies all around, nestled in the trees – some first floor bedrooms available
We take time to get our vitamin D and have fun, while learning and exploring the wonderful country of Nicaragua!

The whole retreat is to be taken at your own pace and with  your own discretion. If you wish to simply nap in the ocean breeze and read a book,  that is perfectly wonderful.
We have a lady come and give us private massages, pedicures and facials at Charlotte’s home. It is great having her there all day, so we can get a massage when we truly want to have one without having to get dressed and go out to a spa for one.
Included in our retreat is:

Personal Time With Nancy All Week!
Nancy’s Health, Nutrition, Cooking, Meditation & Life Skills Discussions/Talks

Transportation to and from the Managua airport.
All lodging at the retreat center, including a night in the beautiful, historic city of Granada.
All meals in Granada with the group
Guided Tour of Granada
Hotel room and breakfast at the
luxury hotel, Tribal, in Granada

Yoga every morning

Swimming or kayaking at the beach.
Healthy meals of fresh local food.
Cooking Lessons by Nancy
Meditation and energy building lessons
Lymphatic exercises
water aerobics classes
personal health and nutrition talks – discussions and information 
with Nancy
aromatherapy lessons
adventures in Nicaragua
Retreat located just above Aqua Resort
Just a few minutes walk
down the hill.

Abundant exotic wildlife.

Four Beautiful Beaches

Optional but not included in the price:

Incredible Deep Sea Fishing,

Surfing on a World Class Beach

Mukul’s Resort and Spa, rated best Spa in the World
is 5 minutes away
and it has golf and
an incredible restaurant, beach and various things in their huge spa including sessions
with a Shaman.
Aqua resort and spa.
The price is the amazing amount of
$3, 397.00

Price does not include airfare.

Contact Nancy Today about our next retreat: April 7- 14th, 2016

We saw this and 2 other rainbows at the last retreat, as well as an abundance of wildlife, including: mating sea turtles, an abundance of monkeys, red and orange crabs, silver flying fish, eagles, pelicans, geckos, butterflies, etc.

What people are saying about the retreat:

Click here to hear Amber Lynn’s testimony.

Click here to watch Janet Amador’s Testimony about Nancy’s conference at retreat.

What a fabulous week!   It was a “Trip of a life time”.
Nicaragua and the Emerald Coast were so magical!   Not only did we have fabulous food, adventures and a wonderful time; we all were blessed to have three incredible  rainbows.  In the evening the stars were spectacular.   We saw the Milky Way.   I have not seen that in over 20 years!

Also, the wild life in the forest was a treat!  We saw monkeys, turtles, fish, crabs, white squirrels, eagles, many beautiful birds and donkeys and cattle crossing the roads right in front of us.    The nature in Nicaragua was beautiful!

Wasn’t ready to go home after 7 days.   Wish I could have stayed longer!
Being with Nancy Addison on one her Nutritional Retreats in Nicaragua was a blessing for me.   She is a terrific teacher and food expert!   Actually “mind/body” wellness would better describe the week.   Learning to breathe, relax, meditate as well as taking time in life to choose what we put in our mouths and to prepare it! 

Nancy is truly amazing.   She has the patience and experience to listen and to teach people how to eat a healthier and balanced diet!   Teaching our group how to eat healthy with fresh and organic foods and showing our group how to prepare and make healthy meals!  Everyone has health and diet issues and she was able to balance those needs specifically to each person on the retreat. 

Nancy has written wonderful books with the recipes included to help people with all sorts of diet and lifestyle needs.  Having to plug back into the real world and the time restrictions we all have – Nancy showed us how to balance our diets and to listen to our bodies more. 

I would highly recommend anyone to read her books, go on one of her retreats, or contact her for improving ones health and diet! 

Thank you Nancy! 

With Love, 
Mary Jo Rausch

I just received a super review on my latest book: How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian – second edition:

Best health book of this century!

By Amazon Customer on January 28, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

“How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” second edition, is an excellent book. Having had the opportunity to assist and promote health and nutrition with world-class athletes over the last 25 years; it is my opinion that Nancy Addison’s book is a formula for high-level performance in our daily lives. I can’t imagine a more informative book for the person looking to improve their health. The chapter about sugar is the most complete information available. Nancy is an expert in Nutrition. What you put on the end of your fork is more powerful medicine than anything you will find at the bottom of a pill bottle.”
Gary L. Massad M.D.
-First National Corporate Medical Director and founder of Occupational Health Centers in America. Attending physician to the Iron Man Hawaii; Attending Physician, United States Triathlon Association; Attending Physician United States Tae Kwon Do Association, Attending Physician United States Cycling Federation.



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Make Healthy Eating Delicious This New Year!

 Happy New Year from Nancy Addison  copy

Make Healthy Eating Delicious
This New Year!

As we emerge from the holidays with joy and peace in our hearts, let’s start off the New Year with thoughts of making the coming year even better and healthier.

        I frequently talk to people who think that eating healthier doesn’t always taste delicious. But, the good news is that when we start doing something new, our bodies adapt and our taste buds acclimate. When you change your diet and start eating a different type of food, it may not initially seem quite as delicious as you hoped it would. That’s because you have not been eating that food until now and your taste buds are not used to it. But, if you continue to eat that specific food on a continual basis for about two weeks, your body will adapt and your taste buds will generate and acclimate to these new taste sensations.

Stick with the new, healthier diet and allow your body to grow and evolve with you. Within two weeks, that new food will taste better than it did the first time, and you will be getting tremendous health benefits!
So, let’s get started on a new eating plan for a healthier, happier you! To begin this new dietary journey, get a fresh start with my top seven tips for making healthy eating delicious!

One: Use healthy fat in your recipes. Eating fat does not necessarily make a person fat. In fact, the right kinds of fat can make people skinny, as well as support overall health and increase energy.

        The advertising industry would have us believe that fat is bad or fattening. But in reality, good fat can be critical to our health and our weight management. Fat actually tells the body how to utilize protein and carbohydrates. Fat in our food can make it taste rich and satisfying.
Foods that are savory usually have some fat in them, but many low- fat or fat-free products are filled with salt, sugar, chemical additives, and MSG to make up for the lack of savory flavor the fat provides.

        Coconut oil and avocado oil are examples of pure, unprocessed healthy fats.

        Coconut oil is seen in most parts of the world as the super-food of fats. Coconut oil is a healthy “nut” fat. It is a highly chemically stable fat, meaning it can be heated without negative effects. Very few oils handle heat well, but certain coconut oils handle high heat very well. It is also resistant to lipid peroxidation (which may be a common mechanistic pathway that can lead to increased cancer risk) and rancidity.

        Coconut oil is unique if you are a calorie counter. Coconut oil has 2.6% fewer calories per gram than other fats. Coconut oil nourishes the body, and its medium-chained fatty acids provide a good source of energy.

Coconut oil is also highly effective as an antioxidant. Coconut oil is a safe alternative oil for any cooking recipe. And as a healthy fat, it makes food taste rich and savory!

        Avocados are a superfood filled with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fat. They are especially high in potassium and fiber, which contribute to weight loss and have been linked to a lower risk of disease.

Two: Use mushrooms in your recipes. Studies show mushrooms aid the immune system because they are rich in potassium, selenium, copper, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and B complex vitamins. Some kinds of mushrooms are one of only two natural food sources of Vitamin D.

Mushrooms are an excellent source of antioxidants polyphenols, selenium, and ergothioneine (known as a master antioxidant, an amino acid containing sulfur. Sulfur is an extremely important nutrient, yet it is highly overlooked.) One medium portobello mushroom has more potassium than a small banana. Five medium cremini mushrooms have more selenium than a large egg or three ounces of lean beef. Plus, the copper in mushrooms helps the body to make red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body.

Mushrooms are low in calories and are about 80–90% water, which makes them a great substitute for meat in recipes when wanting to cut calories. 
Adding mushrooms to dishes is easy.

Thinly slice some mushrooms and put them on salads, pasta dishes, and sandwiches—or serve them as a side dish. Grilling them is always great, and mushrooms make a tasty and healthy alternative to a burger. I love to sauté them with onions and butter in order to bring out the rich flavor of savory mushrooms. Each mushroom has a different flavor, so experiment by trying different varieties.

Three: Eat colorful, fresh, organic food to get antioxidants. Antioxidants are in the color. Avoid white, refined foods and choose the ones with rich color. For example, in the winter, certain seasonal foods like root vegetables can be very comforting, especially potatoes! But instead of white potatoes, give yourself an antioxidant boost by trying red potatoes, purple potatoes, yams, or sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are delicious, and high in fiber and beta-carotene. 
 (Use coconut oil as a healthy fat in potato dishes. Mix it in to mashed potatoes, or use it when you cut potatoes up for baking and frying. If you want a buttery flavor, add a tiny bit of ghee to the coconut oil. Just remember: Never store potatoes in the refrigerator. Doing this will turn the starch in potatoes into sugar.)

Four: Cook with unrefined sea salt to increase your health and well-being. 
When I ask people if they use salt, they usually tell me, “No, I eat a low-salt diet for health reasons.” But unrefined sea salt is not salt that is bad for us. It is the type of salt we eat that dictates whether it is good for you.

        The word “electrolyte” is a fancy medical term for salt. We need electrolytes to be healthy. Our immune systems can’t function without them. In fact, low-salt diets promote toxicity, and they have adverse effects on the body. Low-salt diets promote elevated insulin levels and insulin resistance, as well as elevated normal cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. Low-salt diets will lead to mineral deficiencies and the development of chronic disease.

        Adding unrefined, mineral rich sea salt to your diet can increase the usable oxygen in your blood, detoxify blood, and neutralize radiation. Unrefined, mineral-rich sea salt makes capillaries more elastic and increases blood flow. There are various types of unrefined sea salt, all containing different mineral contents. Try a few different ones and see which you like the best.

Five: Add spices to your food to provide both flavor and incredible health benefits. 
Two spices I most recommend adding are turmeric and cinnamon.

        Turmeric is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine and contains an ingredient called curcumin. Curcumin has more than 150 therapeutic agents to combat viruses, bacterium, diseases, and other chronic conditions.
Turmeric can help curb indigestion and heartburn. It protects brain and cardiovascular health, boosts the immune system and decreases inflammation. Turmeric works better when combined with fat and if you combine it with black pepper, you can increase the rate of absorption.

       Cinnamon is another spice you can add to your recipes. It us very effective in lowering blood sugar levels.

Six: Use healthier sweeteners. Sugar is like an addictive drug. It gives the body an artificial energy surge, and the body begins to crave that energy. Dr. Francis Stern states, “A characteristic of sugar ‘binges’ is that the taste for sweets, for some reason, leads to a craving for more of the same, just the way other drugs create cravings.” I encourage you to limit or eliminate sugar from your diet as much as possible. A few suggestions for when you wish to add a sweetener are honey, xylitol, dates or date sugar.

        Honey is a natural sweetener that is antifungal and antibacterial. Honey contains a variety of nutrients and minerals, as well as some enzymes. It is known to facilitate muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration after a workout. Substitute honey for sugar in recipes. Always buy raw, unrefined honey so that live enzymes and nutritional properties are still intact.

         Xylitol is a sugar alcohol found in fruits and vegetables. It is made from birch tree bark and other hard wood trees. Xylitol has fewer calories and 75% fewer carbohydrates than sugar. Studies have shown that ingesting xylitol can alkalize your body, reduce sugar cravings, and reduce insulin levels. It was approved by the FDA in 1963.(Like chocolate, egg whites and red grapes, xylitol is toxic to animals.)

Seven: Use delicious probiotic foods in your recipes. Probiotic food is vital to the health and strength of the immune system, and it supports digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. Adding garlic, onions, raw, unprocessed apple cider vinegar, raw, unprocessed soy sauce, coconut yogurts, kombucha, and miso to your recipes can make them delicious as well as create a healthier immune system!

        Allium vegetables, like garlic and onions, have been studied extensively in relation to cancer. Their beneficial and preventative effects are likely due in part to their rich organosulfur compounds.

Garlic, in particular, has a wonderful flavor. It’s fragile, so I add it at the end of cooking. Adding onion is a great way to add flavor to a dish without adding extra calories. Onions can be sautéed, roasted, and grilled or caramelized. Use them fresh as a topping for sandwiches or salads, or add them to salsas and dips. They have both probiotic and antifungal properties.

        Fermented foods are foods that have been through a process of lactofermentation, in which natural bacteria feed on the sugar in the food to create lactic acid. This process preserves the food. It creates beneficial enzymes, B vitamins, and probiotics.

So, lighten up, get going, and embrace a new, healthier lifestyle! By incorporating delicious, healthier ingredients into your recipes, you will give your body some necessary tools to help it heal and stay healthier in the future. Now is the time to transition to a healthier lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life! Feel lighter and brighter in your body, mind, and spirit.

It’s time for new adventures with food!

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Healthy Tips For Surviving The Holidays


Healthy Tips For Surviving The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us and we can get caught up in a whirlwind of activities, dinners and cocktail parties. You may encounter holiday treats at work or at home, brought to you by a kind neighbor or friend. Every event may seem like an excuse to splurge, but the consequences of overindulgence in food and drink can be painful, and can even put your health at risk. Here are my top 6 healthy tips for surviving the holidays!

First: Before going to a cocktail party, I usually take one tsp. of raw, organic green food powder (I like “Perfect Food” powder by Garden of Life, spirulina powder, or chlorella powder), and 1 tsp. of organic psyllium husks, with a little water. I then drink another glass (16 ounces) of water immediately afterwards.

Doing this makes me feel a bit full and prevents me from showing up to a party hungry, which can lend itself to overeating.  This drink mixture  also contains a lot of fiber, which can be helpful if one overindulges in the liquid spirits at the party.

Second: When I am in a buffet line, or at a party where there is an amazing amount of food, I use an appetizer or salad plate instead of a dinner plate. People who do this, on average, eat 40 percent less! I try to choose cut up fresh veggies, hummus and other truly healthy foods. In addition, I try to avoid sugar.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, one teaspoon of added sugar shuts down a person’s immune system for up to five hours. (1) Since I am wanting to feel really great this season, boost my immune system, and avoid being sick, I keep this in mind while I am eyeing the beautiful deserts and goodies.

Third: If overindulgence in spirits is a problem, here are a few natural ways to help relieve a hangover:

Remedy #1: Combine 1 tsp. raw, unfiltered honey, 1/2 c. freshly squeezed orange juice, and ¼ c. kefir or yogurt. Consume. 
•   Remedy #2: Soak organic dates
(pitted) in water for a few hours or more. Drink the water and eat the dates.

Remedy #3: Eat a banana.

Remedy #4: If feeling nauseous, try cutting up a bit of fresh organic, ginger root (you can buy this in the fresh produce section of the grocery store) into little pieces, and steeping it in hot water for about 3 – 5 minutes to make a ginger tea. It is very effective for relieving nausea.

Four: Make sure to get enough rest. Everyone has experienced the fatigue, lack of focus, and short temperedness that can follow a poor night’s sleep. We don’t want to experience that during the holidays! But even beyond these side effects, research has linked poor sleep with higher risks of heart disease and stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, and depression.(2)

If you have trouble sleeping, try having a little chamomile tea or warm milk (hemp, coconut or from organic, humanely raised, and grass fed cows or goats) with 1 tiny bit of raw, unfiltered honey.
If you are under a lot of stress and need a little relief, valerian root can help with tension or anxiety. For thousands of years, the herb valerian has been used in Europe and Asia to aid with sleep or anxiety. For insomnia, it’s suggested you use between 400 milligrams to 500 milligrams of valerian root up to two hours before bed.

Also, as we get older, humans don’t produce as much melatonin, which is what helps us sleep. You can buy melatonin as a supplement at the store. It comes in different strengths (one to three milligrams). Dr. Gary Massad, who has researched melatonin and sleep problems in depth, states that studies show if you take half a milligram of melatonin around three or four in the afternoon and then another half gram again about an hour before bedtime, it will work most effectively.

Other hormone imbalances can also disrupt sleep patterns, so have your doctor check you for any hormone imbalance or vitamin deficiencies. I recommend only using a vitamin from a whole food source, and I do not recommend ever taking synthetic vitamins.

You might also listen to recorded sounds of rain or ocean waves to help with sleep, as they may relax your mind. Experiment to find out what works best for you.

Five: Most people are so busy doing everything for everyone else, that they aren’t making enough time to nurture and take care of themselves. Let’s face it, the better we take care of ourselves, the better we can take care of the ones we love.
Make sure you take some time each day to slow down, calm the mind, get a little exercise, and love yourself. If we don’t take a little time for ourselves, stress can get hold of us.

Try making an appointment with yourself each day to slow down, rest, exercise, and do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself. Even consider marking it in your calendar or setting a daily timer to keep you on track. Try and keep that appointment like it is with your most important client or friend.
I have exercise down as an appointment, and although I reschedule once in a while, I don’t cancel it because it is a commitment to myself (even if that just means walking around the block briskly).

Six: If you’re feeling blue, pamper yourself and do what feels good. Try to take a walk, or spend time alone if that’s what you want. Remember, this is your holiday too and you can be there for yourself just like you try to be for everyone else.

I’ve spent many a holiday alone. Sometimes I have felt a little blue. When that happens, I intentionally will shift my focus to something new. Exercise has been shown to help with weight maintenance, health, stress relief and depression. So, make sure you keep it in your schedule. Or, I may turn on a funny movie, take a walk, turn on joyful music and call a friend to come over, or take a supplement called 5 HTP.
5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan, is an essential amino acid that can increase the levels of serotonin in the brain, similar to antidepressants. Low levels of serotonin can contribute to the development of depression and increased appetite. I have found 5 HTP really helps me when I am feeling low. Studies show it begins working as quickly as 15 to 20 minutes after taking it. You can purchase it at a healthy grocery store. 


Remember, the holidays only come once a year and only last for a short time. So many of us have an idealized idea of what the holidays should be like and can be disappointed when they don’t live up to those expectations.
Try to be realistic and remember, nobody has a perfect holiday or perfect family. If you follow these tips, you might just find this year to be healthier, less stressful and more joyful!


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Making Healthier Holiday Foods This Season!

Thanksgiving table at mimi's 2012

Making Healthier Holiday Foods This Season!


I love the tradition of sharing a meal with family and friends on an annual basis. For this reason, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

The American Thanksgiving is a traditional meal inspired by the pilgrims. The original feast was probably shared sometime in the fall, possibly in October, with the Wampanoag first nation’s people. Thanksgiving did not become an annual federal holiday until 1941, and what we have come to know as our traditional meal of turkey and fixings has evolved over time.

Thanksgiving often involves a number of rich, savory foods, creamy dips and fried foods. And yet, these foods don’t always make our body feel at it’s best. So, here are a few ingredient or food choice tips that can make our dishes healthier to share with beloved family and friends.

When making or serving snacks, dips can be a healthy high protein hummus or guacamole. Cutting some cucumber, red bell pepper or celery to use as the dipping chips is a great choice! If you want to serve crackers or chips, try using a whole grain, sprouted, organic version.

A potato dish can be made with sweet or purple potatoes in place of white potatoes. Use a high quality, organic butter or use organic ghee or coconut oil as the healthy fat to mix into it when mashing them up to cook or to cut up and bake as fries. Sweet potatoes are delicious and high in fiber and beta-carotene.

When preparing a turkey, try using a little orange juice and coconut oil to add moisture to the turkey, and try baking it instead of frying it. If you are baking, frying or sautéing anything, use organic, pure coconut oil in place of lard, vegetable oil or a trans fat like Crisco. It handles heat well and has fantastic health benefits.

For other types of animal, fish or fowl, you can grill, broil, or sauté them in a little coconut oil. After you remove it from the heat, you can drizzle some pure, organic, extra virgin olive oil on it and serve with lemon juice or a lemon juice vinaigrette. When dining, choose skinless, white meat pieces and then add just a tiny bit of gravy.

For a healthy stuffing, try making one with organic sprouted rice or even wild rice. Then, bake your stuffing in a separate dish instead of cooking it inside the turkey where it can absorb a high amount of high saturated fat from the meat.

When making corn bread stuffing, purchase the non-GMO, organic cornmeal (which is free of the bT toxin). If you are feeling brave, try using blue cornmeal which is about 30 percent higher in protein and has more zinc and iron than white or yellow corn

Now for dessert, try making a pumpkin pie! You can make a whole sprouted grain crust yourself or you can find a whole grain ready-made crust at the store, and make my cashew crème recipe as the whipped cream for the topping.

Try using non-dairy milk in your recipes or for your coffee creamer.
If you want it to be sweeter, blend the milk (like the unsweetened, vanilla coconut or hemp milk) with a little extra added vanilla or maple extract in a blender and add some pitted dates (I soak them in water to make them softer, so they will crème up easier) and voilà! You have a healthier version of a sweet, holiday creamer for your coffee or desserts.

For snacks, try serving combinations of organic, sprouted nuts, sprouted seeds and raisins.

With these ingredient substitutions, you can still eat all the delicious flavors you love while enjoying a number of health benefits.

In this way, you can feel and look your best as holiday activities continue on into December. Instead of regretting what you ate, you will glow with radiant health as you welcome the New Year of 2016!