Grilling Tips

                  Grilling Tips! As you fire up your barbecue grill for the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or other fun weekend get-togethers this summer, it is important to know a few tips to protect you and your friends and family from the potentially dangerous chemicals that grilling […]

Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions         In a world faced with uncertainties, we crave our holiday traditions now more than ever.  We want to embrace what is familiar.  
       What is comforting is a table filled with family, friends, laughter, and food from recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  

Healthy Snacks For Nursing Mom’s And Tot’s

Healthy Snacks For Nursing Mom’s And Tot’s Eating a well balanced diet is always a good choice for new moms. But many new moms wonder how breastfeeding will affect their child and their diet. You probably don’t need to make any major changes to what you eat or drink when you’re nursing, though there are […]

Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight!

    Losing Weight By Drinking Water! Many people today go on diet after diet, in an attempt to lose unwanted pounds. I personally know several people who are always dieting. What if you could lose weight easily and without a huge monetary investment? Well, here is a method that just might work for you. […]

Cancer Fighting – Cherry Smoothie Recipe

  Time for organic cherries! Fresh cherries are only available for a limited time during the year. Even though the harvest last for 4 months, there are peaks in the season. The California cherries peak at the end of May/beginning of June. The Washington cherries peak in early July. Cherries contain vitamin C, carotenoids, and anthocyanins […]

Water – The Elixir Of Life!

Water Water is the elixir of life! It is a key ingredient for our health and well-being because our bodies are 66–72% water. Blood uses water to transport oxygen, nutrients, and antibodies to all parts of the body. Many illnesses are actually a result of dehydration, so it is important to maintain an adequate intake […]

Food For The Soul Retreat

Food For The Soul Retreat April 6- 13th, 2016 (sold out); July 28 – Aug. 4; Aug. 7 – Aug. 14; Nov. 13 – Nov 20, 2016.   A Certificate Of Basic Intensive In Healthy Food Cuisine is given to all participants when you come and attend my classes on preparing healthy food at the […]

Healthy Tips For Surviving The Holidays

Healthy Tips For Surviving The Holidays The Holidays are upon us and we can get caught up in a whirlwind of activities, dinners and cocktail parties. You may encounter holiday treats at work or at home, brought to you by a kind neighbor or friend. Every event may seem like an excuse to splurge, but […]

Making Healthier Holiday Foods This Season!

Making Healthier Holiday Foods This Season!   I love the tradition of sharing a meal with family and friends on an annual basis. For this reason, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The American Thanksgiving is a traditional meal inspired by the pilgrims. The original feast was probably shared sometime in the fall, possibly […]

Relief of Menopause Symptoms In A Natural & Healthy Way!

Nancy Talks With Lisa About Relieving Back Pain, Knee Pain, Reduce Wrinkles and Dry Skin In Relationship to Menopause   Natural Aids For Helping Deal With Symptoms As A Result Of Menopause    Menopause is not a disease or illness; it is a natural event as a result of hormonal change as we age. The […]