Non-Toxic Hair Color!


Non-Toxic Hair Color Restoration!


The scientific breakthrough that restores gray hair to its natural color.

Hair Color Restoration that reads the hair print in our own hair shaft then restores it’s natural color and vitality!
New 100% non-toxic, made of eight food grade ingredients
Hairprint restores gray hair to its natural color. It is formulated specifically for dark brown and black hair.

They are working on a blonde one, but don’t have one yet.

Men or women!

It’s incredibly natural looking because it’s your real hair color! I tried it on a friend of mine. Here are his pictures down at the bottom of this blog!

He had very grey hair. We did the three treatments. We left just a little bit of the grey hair untreated around the face. 

We thought this would look more natural. it worked well with this natural transition to a darker hair color.

No one even noticed he had done it, it seemed so natural. It restores each stand to it’s natural color.  Because of this, there is a mixture of browns and blacks and it is not all one color like normal dye.

We also did a tiny bit on his eye brows.

This will last 2 to 6 months, depending on how fast his hair grows.

It does stain; so wear old clothing and use old towels. You will need to wash them separately in the washing machine.

Avoid getting it on your shower curtain.

You will need to use the gloves they provide.

With this spectacular new food grade, non toxic hair restoration, it is a wonderful alternative to the highly carcinogenic hair dyes that are frequently used today.

In addition to this, this hair product doesn’t pollute the water of the earth. Hair dye is highly toxic to the water systems of the earth. This product can help save our water as well as transform your life!


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grey hair before edited MG_6483

first mixture to put on hair turns pink

first mixture to put on hair turns pink


hair with the dye on it

hair with the dye on it

hair after hairprint

hair after hairprint


Click here to order yours today!


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