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“How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” Was A Finalist In The International Book Awards In 2016!

I just found out that my book, “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” was a finalist in the International Book Awards in 2016! I didn’t even realize it!
 Internatioal Book Awards:
Congratulations to all of the Winners & Finalists of the 2016 International Book Awards.
Health: General
How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian (Second Edition) by Nancy Addison
Organic Healthy Lifestyle Publishing
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The Magic Of Enzymes!


The Magic Of Enzymes!

It’s all about energy!

Live enzymes in food play a crucial role in our health because we have a limited supply of digestive enzymes in our system.


When we are young, we have a natural abundance of enzymes. By the time we are elderly, we have lost over half of our enzymes. When our enzymes are gone, we die.


Making new ones becomes more and more difficult, if not impossible.


Eating certain foods like meats, not properly chewing our food, exposure to pathogenic microbes, and chewing gum all make our body utilize more of our digestive enzymes and deplete the amount we have to use.


(Do you chew gum? Why would this matter? Well, chewing gum is a waste of your precious enzymes, because you are not consuming and not needing to digest any food and you are using up your limited number of enzymes!)


According to Dr. Howell, our digestive system is only able to digest about half of the food we eat.[1] A raw apple that has not been irradiated (which destroys the enzymes) contains enough live enzymes to break down about 40–60 percent of the apple when it is consumed. Our body has to produce the enzymes or acid to complete the digestion process.


Cooked food, on the other hand, has no living enzymes in it to help the body digest it. Therefore, the body is forced to use its precious supply of digestive enzymes to break down the food and utilize the nutrients. This causes stress on the digestive system, the pancreas, and the immune system.


In his book Enzyme Nutrition, Dr. Howell said, “We know that decreased enzyme levels are found in a number of chronic ailments, such as allergies, skin disease, and even serious diseases like diabetes and other severe diseases.”[2]


An interesting observation I made, when I was in Brazil, at John of God’s Casa last month, was that I met many people with cancer, who had gone there seeking to be healed. Not from nutrition.


What I found interesting is that there was a very high number of the people who had cancer,  also chewed gum. This gum chewing depleted their precious enzymes.

In his studies, Dr. Howell found that rats fed a raw, living food diet lived about 50 percent longer than rats that ate cooked food.


His studies with people in a sanitarium led him to conclude it was “impossible to get people fat on raw foods. . . regardless of the calorie intake.”[3] Along with that conclusion, Dr. Anthony Cheung, FRCP, noted:

Dr. Howell’s use of food enzymes suggests that the supply of human enzymes is limited at birth. The faster we consume our enzymes, the shorter our life span will be.


Raw food and/or living food (which is food that is not processed and/or cooked over 115 -118 degrees) is a good source of food enzymes. Ingestion of raw food or enzyme supplements will lessen the work of our digestive system, so that more energy is reserved for other metabolic activities.[4]


Raw and/or Living Food has live enzymes in it.


This study that follows, using cats as the subject of the study,  is quite interesting:

The Pottinger Cat Study was an extensive, 10-year study of approximately 900 cats. Conducted by Dr. Francis Pottinger, the study examined the effects of raw food versus cooked food on the health and well-being of two groups of cats.


One group was fed a diet of raw meat and milk (which naturally contained live enzymes and probiotics), and the other group was given cooked meat and pasteurized milk (whose enzymes and probiotic nature had been destroyed with heat).


Dr. Pottinger found the cats eating raw food remained healthy and disease-free for generation after generation. But the cats on the cooked food diet started to get lazy and have degenerative diseases. The second generation of cats on the cooked food diet developed mid-life degenerative diseases.


Cats in the third generation of the cooked-food diet developed diseases, blindness, shorter lifespans, and infertility.


That’s Food For Thought!


Please leave a comment and join the conversation!

Everyone would love to hear what you think!

[1 & 2] Howell, Edward. (1985). Enzyme Nutrition. Avery Publishing Group Inc.
[3 & 4) Cheung, Anthony. “Digestive Enzymes.” Enerex. Retrieved from http://www.enerexusa.com/articles/digestive_enzymes.htm


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Benefits of Being Vegetarian, Amazon Best Seller! “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian”

How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian by Nancy Addison,  second edition,  - kindle cover draft 08-05-2015 copy

 Benefits of Being Vegetarian

Amazon Best Seller!

“How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian”

– Second Edition

by Celebrity Chef –

Nancy Addison CHC, AADP

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Have you ever wondered the benefits of a vegetarian diet or the benefits of being vegetarian? Well best selling author Nancy Addison’s new, second edition of How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian is out now. It’s a Comprehensive Guide to Being A Healthy Vegetarian in Today’s World! It has everything you need to know from the best vegetarian recipes, protein for vegetarians, the best fats, the best sweeteners, protein rich vegetarian foods, quick easy vegetarian recipes, etc.

This book gives vegetarians the power of healthy choices and assists them in creating long-term, sustainable, and life-enhancing strategies for being a healthy vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist. In this book, #1 bestselling Author Nancy Addison inspires, motivates, and teaches easy-to-implement suggestions for leading a nutritious lifestyle. She also offers incredible insight into health and wellness for people of all ages. The book includes over 110 easy recipes, many of which are gluten free, raw and vegan! Get your copy of “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” Second Edition today!

You will find out why Celebrity Chef and Nutrition Expert Nancy Addison has been sought out by Doctors from all over the world as well as celebrities and other famous people like Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Suzie Humphreys, Maryann De Leo, Bob Fanucci, Sir Earl Toon, Bill Booth, Beth Morgan, and many others.

How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian“2nd edition is an excellent book. Having had the opportunity to assist and promote health and nutrition with world-class athletes over the last 25 years; it is my opinion that Nancy Addison’s book is a formula for high-level performance in our daily lives. I can’t imagine a more informative book for the person looking to improve their health. Nancy is one of the top nutrition experts I’ve ever known. What you put on the end of your fork is more powerful medicine than anything you will find at the bottom of a pill bottle.”
– Gary L. Massad, M.D. FACOM, FAASM, FAC, LM. Past attending physician to the 1984 and 1996 Olympic Games, attending physician to United States Cycling Federation, USTAA, and USMAA

Addison is a Dallas native and raised her two children on an organic, whole-grain, vegetarian diet.

“Eat like a cow and you’ll be as strong as an ox!” – Nancy Addison

Do you want to know quick easy vegetarian recipes? This book has over 115 quick vegetarian meals, extensive information and recipes for protein rich foods for vegetarians, information about probiotics, the thyroid, and extensive amount of other importanit information you will be thrilled to read about. Because this book is about being healthy. Making this lifestyle easy and healthy.

This book is recommended by leading Medical Doctors as a great resource for medical professionals.

It is easy to understand and easy to implement!

Nancy is an expert at making cutting edge science easy to understand and even easier to implement with her delicious quick easy vegetarian recipes and easy to implement lifestyle suggestions.

An Amazon Best Seller!

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Help Save the Bees

Zucchini bloom and Honeybee in Abilene, Texas.

The Plight of the Bee


I became aware of the plight of the bee 27 years ago.  I avidly read all kinds of environmental, gardening, and wildlife articles and books, and it makes me sad that it’s only now becoming a widely recognized issue. The large bumblebees were becoming extinct over 28 years ago, because the genetically engineered plants apparently had flowers that didn’t have any nectar. I read that the bees were literally starving to death. Over time, I noticed that more and more flowers in the florist shops and in gardens didn’t have a fragrance. No fragrance, no nectar. What a shame. I love the fragrance, and I love the bees.    

The intricate web of our lives depends on every little aspect of life, and when one is taken out, it can start a downward spiral effect. I find this situation alarming.

Bees are natural to our earthly environment, and our very lives depend on them.  The world’s production of food is dependent on the pollination provided by honey bees.  Some estimates range from 50-80% of the world’s food supply being directly or indirectly affected by honey bee pollination.  Honey bees have been managed and have sustained farming practices as far back as 4500 years.  Without the honey bee, food prices would be astronomical, with the little food that would be available.   

I also recently became aware that the bee colonies have become threatened by the widespread use of a pesticide-coated seed, used for many of the corn and soy crops. It is a seed that has been coated with an neonicotinoid insecticide.   Studies are showing that the bees are actually drawn to the nectar of this plant, and that colonies are in volatile situations because of this toxin.  Seed producing companies are allowed to make and sell seeds that are coated with this pesticide, which has been shown in numerous research studies to contribute to bee and bee colony deaths, even though the Environmental Protection Agency says the product doesn’t increase yields.

How much evidence will it take before the EPA, or other companies involved, stop the use, and protect our fragile web of life? 

Do we really need a more catastrophic sign than 37 million bees being found dead, after the planting of a corn crop in which they used this type of toxic seed?

Isn’t it a moral obligation of industry to stop making things they know are harmful to the environment and therefore to humanity? Isn’t it the job of the EPA to protect us from companies that don’t voluntarily stop doing things that are harmful to the environment and/or humanity? 

In addition to the pesticides, an article in Forbes magazine in 2012, stated that it’s not surprising bees are dying off in huge numbers, because of the increase in genetically modified foods. “As of 2012, it is estimated that over 70 percent of the food on the U.S. market contains genetically modified organisms, which are ingredients that have been scientifically engineered in laboratories.” (1)   

I also understand that genetically engineered plants are escaping into the wild, and interbreeding with our wild plants.  The repercussions of this alarm me too. The future of our earth, and the future of food for our children and grandchildren is at stake.

Why are GMO foods harmful?  

Tests using three types of GMO corn that was fed to rats, showed these results: “Effects were mostly associated with the kidney and liver, which are the dietary detoxifying organs, although results were different between the 3 GMOs. Other effects were also noticed in the heart, adrenal glands, spleen and haematopoietic system.  (The haematopoietic system is the bodily system of organs and tissues, primarily the bone marrow, spleen, tonsils, and lymph nodes, involved in the production of blood).  We conclude that these data highlight signs of hepatorenal toxicity, (or kidney failure), possibly due to the new pesticides, which are specific to each GM corn.” (2) During the tests, the rats also developed large tumors.

Taking Action

The combination of GMO plants, the decline of the bee, and the resulting health risks alarmed me so much,  I raised money for an organic hummingbird and butterfly garden at my son’s elementary school (this was 15 years ago!).  I wanted to help educate the community about the importance of our pollinators. Today, the Science, Art, and English departments are still using that garden. In fact, they have recently added an organic food garden—all organic and free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)—and they are teaching the children to be “master gardeners.”  Chip Clint (the organic gardening expert who designed the hummingbird and butterfly garden for me at the elementary school), and I have continued to be consulted concerning the garden. I am blessed to have been instrumental in this school program that is now in place.

I understand that elementary schools that have a garden in which children can work, report that students have much higher math and science scores than schools without gardens. It makes the children happy to have an outdoor hands-on type of learning experience.


Bees and the future of our environment are in need of protection from these toxic and harmful poisons.

Given the enormous number of bee deaths already, the enormous amounts of neonicotinoid insecticide-coated seeds that are already being planted, the fragile state of the bee colonies, and the mounting evidence that shows this neonicotinoid insecticide-coated seed is a danger to the bee colonies, don’t you agree that the EPA should stop the manufacturing and planting of this toxic seed? What can we do?

Please join me in calling for an end to the manufacturing, selling and planting of this  neonicotinoid insecticide-coated seed.  Please boycott the purchase, use and selling of this seed.  Please sign my petition to the EPA, calling for action to stop the manufacturing, selling and use of the neonicotinoid insecticide-coated seed, or any other type of toxin that can cause death to pollinators in our environment.  The next life you save may be your own.

Click Here to sign the petition!

Please leave a comment and also sign the petition!

 Watch this talk on TED talks by Maria Spivak. Click here.


Nancy Addison  talks with Richard Kemp on the Farm & Ranch USA Report

KLGD 106.9fm, The Country Giant about the bees –  Click Here to listen to the Radio Show Segment on the Bees.

Sited sources:

(1) Rachel Hennessey. “GMO Food Debate In The National Spotlight.” Forbes 11/03/2014. http://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelhennessey/2012/11/03/gmo-food-debate-in-the-national-spotlight/2/

(2) Joël Spiroux de Vendômois et al. “A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health.” Research paper. Int J Biol Sci 2009; 5(7):706-726. doi:10.7150/ijbs.5.706.

University studies:

Purdue (http://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/research/2012/120111KrupkeBees.html),

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and Oxford ( http://marketbusinessnews.com/bees-crave-neonicotinoid-pesticides-like-humans-with-nicotine/58089)



“Raising Healthy Children” By Nancy Addison – Best Seller On Amazon!

full cover nov 2014 4 copy 2



I released my new book today on Raising Healthy Children!

It made the best seller’s list!

Raising Healthy Children is a comprehensive book full of encyclopedic information! This book is filled not only recipes and information about how you can raise your children in the healthiest possible way, but also includes resources, references and endnotes to give you the most comprehensive book on how to raise healthy children on the market today. Nancy Addison walks you through the grocery store, shares natural remedies, discusses the health benefits of breastfeeding, shares recipes for non-toxic body products, supplements, vitamins, minerals, and so much more.



Bestsellers amazon screen shot - copy

Nancy Addison Talks Fad Diets – on The Broadcast KTXD – TV


Nancy Addison Talks Fad Diets- on The Broadcast



What To Think Fad Diets!

With the holidays over, everyone is looking to lose some holiday pounds and start off a healthy new 2015.

Today on The Broadcast, I talk about some of the more popular diets and how they look in a healthy diet lifestyle.


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I just started a wonderful New Years Cleanse.

It’s non-GMO, organic, vegan, raw and whole food, nutrient dense.

If you would like to loses some weight and get healthy, contact me to get a free $50 gift card to use toward your purchase.


They have a 10-day transformation Cleanse where they have (a money back) guaranteed you can lose 5 to 20 pounds in 10 days.

There is even a doctor at this company to talk with you over any concern or question you may have.

These products and the cleanse were created for US Olympic Athletes and Movie Stars to stay in shape, feeling and looking their best.



The 10-Day Gluten Free Transformation Cleanse contains: Apothe-Cherry (16 oz), Super Meal– L.O.V. Vanilla Chai (30 Servings), Master Amino (150 ct), Ionic Elements (4 oz), Herbal Fiber Cleanse(180 ct), Purium Shaker Bottle, 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Gym Bag, 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Tape Measure, Easy-to-follow Transformation Guide.

Designed for those with Celiac Disease or severe gluten sensitivities. For all others, please see our original 10-Day Transformation.

Daily Schedule:

7 am         5 Master Aminos / 18 oz of room temperature water + Flex Food (optional)

9 am         3 scoops of Super Meal – L.O.V. Vanilla Chai in 12 – 18 oz of water with 20 drops of Ionic Elements / 2 Herbal Fiber Cleanse capsules

11 am       5 Master Aminos / 18 oz of room temperature water + Flex Food (optional)

1 pm           3  scoops of Super Meal – L.O.V. Vanilla Chai in 12 – 18 oz of water with 20 drops of Ionic Elements / 2 Herbal Fiber Cleanse capsules

3 pm           5 Master Aminos / 18 oz of room temperature water + Flex Food (optional)

5 pm           3  scoops of Super Meal – L.O.V. Vanilla Chai in 12 – 18 oz of water

8 pm           1 oz of Apothe-Cherry in 6 – 8 oz of room temp. water                                                                                       

Please adjust the schedule to fit your wake-up time. It is the intervals between the steps that are most important to follow. Flex Foods are often best taken with Master Aminos, but it is your choice as to when it is the best time for you. Please also drink plenty of water.

Flex FoodsBe sure to chew thoroughly!
1 organic apple
1 avocado with high quality sea salt and cayenne pepper
1 cup of watermelon (may add sea salt) or organic berries
Unlimited Organic celery or cucumbers – the latter with high quality sea salt and cayenne pepper.
½ cup sautéed squash, spinach, broccoli, or kale in fresh garlic and coconut oil

Flex Beverages
8 oz unsweetened coconut milk or coconut water
8 oz unsweetened oat or almond milk
Any Purium “Green Drink”

There is a doctor you can talk to with the company if you ever have any questions.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee if for any reason you feel it hasn’t worked for you. So, you really don’t have any thing to lose but toxins and pounds!

So, click this link below and you can redeam you $50 gift card with the code: organichealthy




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After you have done that, you will want to buy wholesale, which means if after the purchase of the cleanse you can buy more products later on at a nice discount- forever. You may want to continue the power shake.

Read the ingredients on the products. They are extremely healthy, non GMO, organic, vegan, sprouted, extremely healthy, etc.

I’m going to use the LOVE Power shake from now on. I also like the amino acids and the tart cherry blend ( that helps you sleep better at night.)


It’s also a cheaper way to purchase your cleanse. It’ s like joining Sam’s club or something, except you only have to do it once.

I don’t think you would be interested, but it comes with some gift cards you can share if you want to. Some of my clients are very short on funds and they are able to get the money back that they spent on the cleanse by sharing their gift cards with their family or friends. They get a fifty-dollar referral fee for each one they share. So, with this they can pay for their cleanse. Which is great.

So, I got the program with the 20-day extension. I want to do the cleanse for a month and this is a good way to do it. You just decide which one is good for you.

Let me know if you want me on the phone to walk you through deciding or filling that out. It is an excellent company.


They started with a doctor who worked with US Olympic athletes and movie stars who needed to stay in shape, have energy and maintain their health.

So, that ‘s why it’s called the celebrity cleanse.


Let me know if you have any questions. Call me, 214-202-9243. I’ll be happy to talk to you about any of this.


Here is some information and the ingredients in the super meals that you take with this cleanse that is gluten free:

UPDATE: Purium’s new L.O.V.E. Super Meal was recently endorsed by the Diabetes Resource Center!

Purium’s L.O.V.E. Super Meal™ is composed of 36 pure, premium, natural, whole food ingredients. It contains 12 green foods, 10 vegetables, 9 sprouts, and 5 mushrooms – and only 2 grams of naturally occurring sugar. It also has 20 grams of vegan protein from organic fermented rice, 9 grams of fiber, and more antioxidants than 10 servings of fruits and veggies!

L.O.V.E Super Meal is a meal replacement that is also 7 products in 1:
Weight Loss Formula + Protein Drink + Fiber Supplement + Essential Fatty Acid Supplement + Super-Antioxidant + Immune Support Supplement + Energy Drink!

L.O.V.E. Super Meal:

  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Supports healthy digestive function
  • May help increase energy
  • May be used as a snack or meal replacement

Servings per container: 10

Instructions: Add 4 scoops of L.O.V.E. Super Meal to 16 oz of coconut water, juice, or your favorite creamy beverage (such as almond, coconut, or hemp milk) and mix thoroughly. For best results use a shaker bottle and wait one minute prior to drinking. Enjoy L.O.V.E. Super Meal once daily.

For increased flavor, add a couple of drops up to  5 full droppers (to taste preference) of L.O.V.E. Organic Flavor Concentrate to your pre-mixed L.O.V.E. Super Meal and mix again thoroughly. L.O.V.E. Super Meal is also great in your favorite smoothies. L.O.V.E. Organic Flavor Concentrates are sold separately.

Ingredients: Organic Fermented Rice Protein, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Green Food Blend (containing Alfalfa Leaf Juice Powder, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella, Dandelion Leaf), Organic Sprout Blend (containing: Quinoa Sprout, Red Clover Sprout, Sunflower Sprout, Flax Sprout, Amaranth Sprout, Lentil Sprout, Millet Sprout, Garbanzo Bean Sprout, Broccoli Sprout), Organic Dark Buckwheat, Organic Mushroom Blend (containing: Maitake, Cordyceps, Tremella, Shitake, Turkey Tail), Organic Maca, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Vegetable Blend (containing: Broccoli, Cabbage, Parsley, Kale), Organic Apple Extract, Organic Rhodiola Root, Organic Eleuthero Root, Organic Acerola Cherry, Organic Stevia Extract, Organic Sea Kelp, Organic Dulse.



Love, Nancy



Nancy Addison CHC, AADP











I Love My Vitamix


I Love My Vitamix

I have had a vitamix for over 15 years.

It has been incredibly helpful when preparing healthy food.

I use mine at least once a day. I love the BPA free container and my bread dough mixer as well.

None of my other blenders held up under my intense cooking preparation methods until I bought a Vitamix.

I loved it so much, I bought one for my son.

It makes a great gift for the one you love.

Even Oprah put it on her list of favorite things! So, I guess i’m in good company.

Here is a little bit about it:


Engineered to Change Your Life

Real food sustains us, inspires us, and fuels us to be our best. At Vitamix, it’s our passion for food and nutrition that drives us to near obsession, pouring attention into every detail for more than 90 years. Compare Vitamix to the competition and see the difference, not just in the quality of our products, but most importantly, in the quality of our blends.


High-Performance Blending


Every black bean has been fully pulverized


Many black beans remain whole

Vitamix didn’t just join the high-performance blending industry. We invented it. We test our machines against some of the toughest blending applications—like raw black beans—that help us define the requirements of a high-performance blender. The result: a nearly perfect science that consistently delivers the smoothest blends through years of worry-free use.

Better Blades = Better Blends

Hardened thick stainless-steel blades and metal drive system

Sharp blades become dull over time. So we’ve designed a blade that’s so strong, it doesn’t even need to be sharp. We start with aircraft-grade stainless steel. Then we harden it, polish it, and carefully laser cut it along the metal’s grain. Each prong has a precise surface area with a blunt edge and a specific angle, causing a simultaneous slicing and pulverizing action in the blender. A one-two punch, if you will.

Clearly Different Containers

Every angle of the Vitamix container is designed to create our uniquely controlled vortex, systematically folding ingredients back to the blades for smoother blends and faster processing. So instead of just spinning ingredients around, hoping they find their way to the blades, Vitamix containers give them no choice.

Letting off Steam

The Vitamix vented lid plug allows you to turn cold ingredients into hot soup

Hot soup shouldn’t require extra appliances

Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest impact. Take our removable, vented lid plug, which lets you blend hot ingredients and bring soups and sauces to serving temperatures right inside the container. And when you’re ready to experiment with texture, the lid plug lets you add ingredients. So thanks anyway, stovetop. We’ve got this covered (and vented).

Continuous Processing

Move stubborn ingredients toward the blades while blending

Avoid stop-and-go blending

With Vitamix, you’re in control. With a full range of blending speeds, you can fine-tune every texture, from smooth purées to chunky salsas. But we don’t stop at the easy stuff. We designed our tamper to efficiently process the thickest, most stubborn blends—like peanut butter—no scraping required.

Built to Last

Vitamix has been perfecting blending technology since 1939

Every choice we make is for one reason—to build a blender that will change your life. We use some of the industry’s most durable components, giving you the ability to blend more real-food ingredients into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you’re creating healthier family meals or more inspired dinner parties, our machines are designed for your success. And engineered to change your life.

Explore Vitamix Machines by Clicking here!

Vitamix has a blender to suit every household, lifestyle, and counter top. Choose a series below to start exploring

It has an amazing warranty. These machines are built to last.


Like this picture below, I use it to make my raw soups, salad dressings and smoothies!


A Very Veggie Thanksgiving

“What do Vegetarians eat for Thanksgiving?” That is a question I get asked when the fall season arrives. My answer is, “We eat all the side dishes that are usually served with the dinner”. They are the inviting comfort foods that have a delectable charm to them. I put a few of these favorite holiday recipes in my book, How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian. I love Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays.

I have a large family and dearly love getting to see them and catch up on what everyone is doing. With everyone coming over, the house will smell fabulous with the aroma of freshly, baked breads and casserole dishes. Since we all want to nibble a little while we are waiting for everyone to arrive, I will have some nut pate stuffed celery sticks as appetizers and some warm spiced, apple cider.

When it is finally time for our meal and the blessing, we will be filling our plates with a variety of delicious foods. People traditionally like to have a chewy, meaty type of main dish for Thanksgiving that would be in place of the traditional turkey. So, I make a Seitan Stroganoff, which is an old recipe of my mother’s that I have remade to be vegetarian. It is very hearty with a kind of gravy type of flavor and sauce. I would have a big, mixed green salad and the side dishes would be my squash casserole, Tom Spicer’s brown rice and chestnuts, stuffed tomatoes, green peas and Sweet potatoes with cranberries and apples. Then of course we have to have the traditional cornbread dressing. I make mine with my homemade cornbread recipe that is combined with vegetable broth, celery, sautéed onions and some herbs to create a wonderful cornbread stuffing.

Traditionally, for the last 27 years, my mother would divide her dressing when she was making it and make one with chicken broth for everyone else and then one with a vegetarian broth for my family and me. I always appreciated that from my mother. She is so thoughtful about trying to make sure everyone is able to enjoy a festive Thanksgiving Dinner together.

Then for the bread, I make my Great Aunt Katherine’s homemade yeast rolls, which are always a favorite and are the traditional bread at our holiday family feasts. Then for the grand finale, there would be pumpkin and pecan pies for dessert.

I am so thankful for my family and our meals together. This Thanksgiving I will be eating these comforting foods that are my special veggie Thanksgiving feast.

I hope this gives you some idea of what to serve the vegetarians that grace your table.

Bless you and your family and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Chef Stephan Pyles Loves “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian”!

Chef Stephan told me he loves my book, “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian“! In fact, he said he likes it so much, he is going to write a book review for me to use with my new second edition coming out in the new year!

I had a great time at Lisa Endicott’s 15 year anniversary party of her Endicott PR* business. It was given at Chef Stephan Pyles’ restaurant, San Salvaje. It was an evening of great people, food, music and conversation.

Stephan owns the following restaurants: Stephan Pyles, Stampede 66, San Salvaje and Sky Canyon in Dallas, TX.

Thank you Chef Stephan!

Nancy Addison & Stephan Pyles copy

Stephan Pyles and Nancy Addison


* Lisa Endicott is the owner and president of Endicott & Company Public Relations.  Endicott & Company specializes in corporate communications, media relations, marketing and branding strategy, and event publicity for entertainment, financial, technology, hospitality and travel, nonprofit, real estate, and retail clients. You can visit her website here.

You can get your copy of How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian at Amazon, Barnes or Our Store.




Nancy Is On Al Cole’s Radio Show Tonight – “People of Distinction”

I am On Al Cole’s Radio Show

Tonight –

“People of Distinction”

Listen to me tonight on Al Cole’s Show.

I talk about becoming healthy!

November 21, 2014, 5pm to 8pm ET

\and then I’ll be on it again on Friday, December 12th 5pm to 8pm ET.

The December 12th show will be about my new book, “Raising Healthy Children.”

Click Here To Go To The Link!

Then click on Al’s picture to listen~