Ideas For Healthy Kid Snacks That Your Kids Will LOVE!

Eating a well-balanced diet is always a good choice for anyone, but it’s especially important for children.  Their organs are still forming, and what they eat is what becomes their blood, tissue, and cells.  Because of this, a high nutrient-rich diet, along with nutrient-rich snacks is highly recommended. Some of the best healthy kid snacks […]


      It is a meat-free Monday! I’m sharing one of my favorite, easy Italian recipes from my book, “Diabetes And Your Diet.” It’s a hot summer and a great time to have a cool, refreshing meal made with fresh, organic garden veggies that are so abundant now! Gazpacho Ingredients 3 large tomatoes (diced) […]

“How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” Was A Finalist In The International Book Awards In 2016!

I just found out that my book, “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” was a finalist in the International Book Awards in 2016! I didn’t even realize it!  Internatioal Book Awards: Congratulations to all of the Winners & Finalists of the 2016 International Book Awards.   Health: General Finalist How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian […]

Super Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Super Breakfast Smoothie Smoothies are symphonies of nutrients and fiber! You can have smoothies as a meal or a snack, or freeze them in popsicle molds and have them as a healthy desert. I put healthy fat in my smoothies because my research shows it gives us energy, supports our brain health, and helps us […]

Let’s Talk About Soy

Let’s Talk About Soy Many people eat and drink soy and soy products. I’m asked questions about soy frequently, so I thought I would address this food. Soy has many negative effects on health because it is difficult to digest, affects your hormones, and is closely linked to GMOs, pesticides, and harmful processing chemicals. Soy protein […]

Valentine Day’s Cherry Smoothie

Valentine Day’s Cherry Smoothie By Nancy Addison This delicious recipe is a great way to start your Valentine’s Day with a nutrient rich meal that is quick and easy. Ingredients: 1 banana (with skin) 1 ½ c. fresh or frozen cherries, pitted 2 c. alternative milk of choice (unsweetened, vanilla hemp or coconut milk are […]

Vegan Eggnog Recipe

    Holiday Eggnog   This is an easy, healthy version of eggnog. It makes a nice holiday drink! Ingredients: 1½ c. unsweetened, vanilla hemp, coconut, or rice milk 1 banana 1 pinch of nutmeg a few drops stevia (optional) Directions: 1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until creamy. 2. Enjoy! Note: […]

Highland Hospital’s Chief Of Cardiology Goes Vegan

Health News! Highland Hospital’s Chief Of Cardiology Goes Vegan The chief of cardiology for Highland Hospital decided to change to a vegan lifestyle and lost 57 pounds. It has been proven over and over again that a plant based diet helps reverse and prevent heart disease and can even help reverse the damage. If you […]

Benefits of Being Vegetarian, Amazon Best Seller! “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian”

 Benefits of Being Vegetarian Amazon Best Seller! “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” – Second Edition by Celebrity Chef – Nancy Addison CHC, AADP is available now on Kindle and the paperback version is coming out soon! Have you ever wondered the benefits of a vegetarian diet or the benefits of being vegetarian? Well best […]

Safe & Healthy Tips for Grilling This Summer

Safe & Healthy Tips for Grilling This Summer         For all of you looking to the weekend or any other fun summer get-togethers, where you are firing up the barbecue grill; it is important to know a few tips to protect you and your friends and family, from the potentially dangerous chemicals that grilling meat […]